Why Awoken Kingdom

I grew up on stories. I was one of those kids who loved to read so much that my parents had to impose rules on when and where books were allowed (and they weren’t allowed at the dinner table). In my life I longed to experience the tales and adventures that had entered my mind from the pages of my beloved stories. I wanted to be tested and to have my courage, bravery and nobility prove true. However I found my life to utterly pale in comparison to any tale I had ever read.

The pastor at our church has a profound question he likes to ask people:

When did Jesus become real to you?

I had a lot of ‘head’ knowledge about my faith before I had any real ‘heart’ knowledge of Jesus’ love. I won’t explore when Jesus became real to me here, but I will tell you that when He became real, I suddenly became awoken to the truth of His Kingdom and life began to gleam a little brighter than the stories I had always read.

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About StephVersion 2

Steph is learning to live as a daughter of the one true and glorious King while being a broken person in a broken world. She is the wife of a loving and encouraging husband who challenges her to pursue her dreams and provides a daily dose of optimism. The two of them have been blessed with a strong and sweet son .

The Lord made Steph with a streak of creativity in an otherwise logical and analytical mind. She enjoys deep conversations, pursuing wisdom, all sorts of reading, creative writing, java programming, dark chocolate, and adventures.

And coffee. She likes coffee.

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