{re} awokenkingdom

Hello one and all! I am rather excited to share with you some superb news! After having this here blog for a little over nine months, I am beginning to envision an actual purpose for this space. Over the course of its existence, I have averaged one random post every two months, but that shall (hopefully) no longer be the case!

My dream is that awokenkingdom will be a place where I can explore three things:

  1. My belief that God is present and active in our lives – To that end, I hope to share with you the transformational experiences in my past that have shaped me to be who I am today as well as the current reality of God working in my life.
  2. Why Christianity is true and, as far as I can see, the best explanation for reality as we experience it – I have been wrong in my life before, so as I explore the reason and logic behind this claim, I am looking forward to your engagement, alternatives, and healthy discussion in order to pursue the truth (Both in online and, perhaps, face to face, real-live conversations).
  3. My passion for Christian Apologetics – I want to share with you the things I learn as I pursue personal study in this area. Please share with me the topics you have always wondered about and we can learn about them together!

I know that you are full to bursting with anticipation and anxiously wondering when this new endeavor is set to begin. The bad news is: you have to wait. The good news is: You only have to wait a few days! Beginning on May 1st, you will have the chance to meander through my written thoughts at least once a week.

Also, I was serious above when I asked for your thoughts and questions. I would love if you shared those with me in person, in a message, or in a comment on some social platform. I am looking forward to this journey with you!