Adventures with the Hughes

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly – Jesus

Give Me Eyes to See –

RZIM ReFresh 2019 Reflection

“Father God, give me eyes to see…”

As I entered the Zacharias Institute on the first day of the ReFresh conference, this was the start of the prayer in my heart. In this moment, with whom would you have me speak, God? Who needs a kind word and friendly welcome? As the days progressed, I started many a prayer with this plea, and time and time again the Lord graciously answered it.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that the most vivid memory I have of my time at ReFresh involves two sets of wide eyes that stared deeply into mine only thirty minutes apart from one another.

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For some time now I have felt poised on the cusp of change. The kind of change that seems to promise more— in the sense of a richer, fuller, more abundant experience of life. Most often, the types of changes I have experienced have been circumstantial changes. There was a change when I started college, and when I graduated college. There was a change when I got married, and when I had a child. There was a change when I started my first job, and when I switched to my second. But this cusp of change I feel now is internal. It seems that a shift in my thoughts, my actions, and my experience will be the catalyst of whatever is to follow – but how do I get there? Continue reading

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